Win With Your Money Budget & Net Worth Templates

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Tracking my money was the single most powerful action I took to pay off $140k of student loans, $22k of credit cards, and $98k of real estate debt.

I went from negative $99k net worth to a millionaire in 10 years because I started paying attention to my money.

You can do this too.

You have the power to take control of your money, to gain wealth, and to become a millionaire when you become intentional.

Get the clarity you need to:

  • create financial strategies
  • make better decisions
  • increase your wealth
  • pay off your debt faster
  • gain insights & awareness

This easy-to-use Microsoft Excel budget template, net worth tracker, debt tracker, and spending tracker combines all your financial information into one file.

This spreadsheet provides the foundation you need to turn your money around.

The Financial Dashboard gives you the overview you need to make better decisions.

Get all six key indicators on one screen to measure your progress and see trends from your behaviors.

This tracker is simple to use.

You'll receive 24 months of templates in this file with the ability to add more months later.

Each Monthly worksheet includes this Debt Tracker which automatically calculates your annual interest expense.

Easily see the impacts of refinancing, consolidating, and transfer balances to lower rate accounts.

This Debt Tracker syncs with the Net Worth Tracker, showing you exactly what your Net Worth is each month.

Each Spending worksheet allows you to paste in data from your bank and credit card statements, with the ability to choose your specific Categories.

This file is customizable to your situation and your spending habits.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Budgeting section is included on each Monthly worksheet.

The Expenses in the Budget section are automatically brought in from the Spending tracker, so no need to enter them twice.

Tracking is your path to taking control of your money.

This Microsoft Excel template is your tool.

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You'll get the Budget tracker, the Net Worth tracker, the Debt tracker, and the Spending tracker all in one easy-to-update file. This file covers 24 months of tracking, and you have the ability to add more months.

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Win With Your Money Budget & Net Worth Templates

13 ratings
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